OTTER waterproof socks PINK with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks PINK with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks PINK with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks PINK with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks PINK with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks PINK with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks PINK with BLACK heels

OTTER waterproof socks PINK with BLACK heels

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INTRODUCING... OTTER Pink Waterproof Socks!

Are you that person who's constantly misplacing their boring black socks in that sock Bermuda Triangle known as your drawer? Enter stage left: the vibrant, no-way-you-can-miss-them OTTER Pink Waterproof Socks! Lose a sock? Not on Pinky's watch!

These aren't just another pretty face in your sock drawer. Behind that pop of pink is some serious triple-layered, waterproof magic. Say adios to the squelch of soggy socks, and bonjour to a new era of tootsie luxury. Whether you're bravely battling the classic British drizzle or have been voluntarily taken on a camping weekend, dry toes are no longer a luxury – they're your right!

Breathability? These socks have taken a masterclass. Wave goodbye to that tropical rainforest feel and embrace feet as fresh as a daisy, all day long. Plus, we've dumped the 'crisp packet crunch' of other brands – ours is a smooth, snug, soft squeeze around your foot. It's like a loving embrace for your feet... minus the awkwardness.

A Quick Peek Behind The Pink Curtain:

OUTER LAYER: Made of 74% super strong, anti-soaking polyamide, these socks are the frontline soldiers in the war against wetness. Tightly hugging your feet with 23% Lycra and 3% elastane, they keep blisters on the bench. And if you're slipping these into wrong-sized shoes, remember: even heroes have their limits.

SANDWICH LAYER: The unsung hero, a plastic membrane (Gore Tex's smarter sibling), designed like a VIP club. Vapour? You can exit. Water droplets? Sorry, you're not on the list. It’s a smart blend of heat and air pressure working their magic. Top hat and monocle fancy!

INNER LAYER: Here's where our bamboo rayon shines. Moisture is shown the door, ensuring a climate-controlled fiesta for your feet. Even if you encounter surprise puddles, remember: it's like a quick chilly dip in the sea. A shock at first, but then you're dancing in the rain!



When it comes to the duel between our sock inners, think of it as a friendly match between two top-tier players, each with their own specialty moves:

🎋 Bamboo Rayon: The nimble ninja. Its lightweight design is perfect for those who like to keep things active. Going for a jog? Maybe some mountain biking or a vigorous dance-off? Bamboo Rayon is your trusty sidekick, ensuring your feet stay breezy and agile throughout. It's the choice for those wanting optimum performance during those high-octane escapades.

❄️ COOLMAX FX: The cozy guardian. A tad thicker, it's the warm embrace on a chilly evening. It wraps your feet with a gentle warmth perfect for those cooler adventures or when you just fancy a snug feel around your tootsies.

    Express Delivery (1-2 days): Lightning-fast, almost like we've got The Flash working in our dispatch team! Use our Royal Mail 24 hour tracked delivery for those "Oops, I forgot my bestie's birthday is tomorrow!" moments. Just make sure to order Monday - Friday before 4 pm, and we'll fling your package out the door faster than you can say "super-speedy socks!" If you're more of a weekend shopper (because who doesn't love a good Saturday online spree?), rest easy. Your treasures will usually arrive by the following Tuesday. In short: it's the superhero of deliveries, clocking in at an average 1-2 days.

    Standard Delivery (2-4 days): A tad more relaxed, but still impressively swift. Think of this as the tortoise in that age-old fable—consistent, reliable, and no hares harmed in the process. With our trusty Royal Mail 48 tracked delivery, if you order Monday - Friday before 4 pm, we promise your package will be on its merry way in no time. It's not quite teleportation, but 2-4 days is still pretty magical if you ask us!

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