OTTER: Outdoors, whatever the weather

How do OTTER Socks work?

  • OUTER LAYER OTTER Socks are made from 74% high strength waterproof polyamide, so they don't absorb water. Unlike wool or cotton, which cause the fibres to swell and retain water. The combination of 23% Lycra and 3% elastane makes the outer sock a tight fit. This is important because, if the sock fits loosely, the foot moves around inside and can create blisters – and nobody has time for blisters spoiling their outdoor adventures! No more having to wear layers of socks on your hikes, one pair of OTTER Socks will do the job. The polyamide sock is abrasion resistant, though if you’re wearing boots or shoes that are not the right size then this can cause extra wear to the outer layer over time leading to holes.
  • SANDWICH LAYER Made from a type of plastic membrane (similar to Gore Tex) with very small holes that are large enough to allow vapour to escape from the inside but small enough to stop water droplets getting in. This works on a combination of heat and air pressure. Fancy huh?
  • INNER LAYER Fabric made with COOLMAX CORE technology transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry; helping to optimize performance. It helps to regulate the heat within the sock. Combined with the breathable membrane, it allows vapour to escape from the sock keeping the feet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. When adventuring through snow/puddles your boots or shoes might become wet, causing the outer layer of the sock to become wet – this sensation may make your feet feel cold initially but it’s almost similar to the sensation of going into the sea wearing a wetsuit, you will get used to it and power through those muddy puddles!

Why choose OTTER?

Perfect for the Great British outdoors!

Good ol’ rainy Blighty, beautiful scenery but the weather is sometimes a bit grim. OTTER Socks are made to keep your feet dry and warm due to their three-layer technology. Your boots or shoes may be soaked inside but your feet remain toasty and dry.

OTTER is for everyone!

No matter what your outdoor need is. From mountain biking in Dalby Forest, hiking in our local Peak District or if you just need a decent waterproof pair of socks for daily dog walks – we’ve got you covered.
We believe that when you feel prepared, you perform your best! And this doesn’t just mean for those outdoor sports enthusiasts, wearing OTTER socks will keep you comfortable and dry meaning you can enjoy being outdoors for longer. Win!

Comfortable & Reliable

Due to our triple-layer technology, OTTER socks are breathable but a snug and comfortable fit.
No more loose, baggy socks that rub and cause blisters. OTTER Socks give a comforting deep-pressure sensation that are perfect for individuals with sensory sensitivities. Wearing OTTER Socks is a grounding and calming experience, giving you the confidence to tackle any outdoor terrain.
Not sure what we mean by Sensory sensitivities? Click below for our blog post on why our socks may support individuals with sensory needs (written by our director Sadie, who is a Sensory Occupational Therapist!)