Fantastic Gloves

Beautifully designed waterproof gloves that are of excellent quality and so reasonably priced. A perfect gift -thank you Otter.

Ideal for golfing!

My husband returned from a game of golf and showed me how wet his socks were on the outside. However his feet were absolutely dry inside. In his words “a brilliant product“.

Very happy with these socks

I luv these socks and was really impressed with customer service too.  I use them for walking with my not so waterproof boots and also when rowing. Highly recommend!


Got my 1st pair of these last year. Best waterproof sock i've ever had. Long, wet days on the fells, feet warm, nice and dry. Socks are so light and comfy, you hardly know you have them on.

Exceptional customer service

The Currier service messed my order up and the package got split Open. I ended up with something different but after explaining it to customer service they actually sent me out another pair of socks which is outside of their customer terms and conditions to which I am sincerely grateful for so I highly recommend Otter Socks for going that extra mile.

A Game Changer

We saw these at the Outdoors Expo in Birmingham NEC and thought that they might be the answer to the perennial problem of wet feet that we suffer from on our work as botanists on blanket bogs.  A standard days work will see us trekking over several kilometres of wet bog, wading across streams, standing in ankle deep water and standing in wet peat. We tried them out for three days this week in Mid-Wales and I must say that I was impressed.  I had water come over the top of my boots on several occasions.  At first it felt as if water was coming through.  However, on taking off my boots and socks at the end of the day I was amazed to find my feet and sock liners were dry.  Although there is a little residual clammy feeling of dampness from sweat, my feet stayed warm throughout eight continual hours of hiking in wet bog.  Brilliant.  These will become a permanent addition to my kit.  Well done Otter socks.

So far so good

I'm yet to wear these socks but so far so good. They were delivered within a timely manner, they are a beautiful colour and they fit well.


Not worn them yet

Sock review

I was a total sceptic, but these socks have won me over, i recently done 7 very wet n boggy hours in the cheviot hills with no leaks or rubbing just purfectly dry, warm happy feet!!


I also purchased an otter hat, and again was really happy with it!!


I Will be buying a pair of gloves as well on the back of this.


I'd fully recommended Otter clothing, reasonably priced, arrived within 2 days of ordering them and are a small British company - fantastic!!

Excellent customer service

My on line order of a pair of socks did not arrive due to problems with your delivery agent. My subsequent query was dealt with commendable efficiency and my order arrived on the date promised by yourselves. Thank you for your prompt efficient response.


Purchased socks to wear with motir cycle boots.  Mid length theyvare great with boots and do exactly as described.

Very confy and would definately recommend.

Otter box review

Really happy with my otter box, mine came with the blue socks and black beanie, love them both, waterproof, warm and does exactly what it says on the tin!!

Waterproof beanie

Excellent went for walk started to rain hard kept head nice and dry will be buying another one as a spare

Excellent product

Otter socks have provided great comfort and relief to my feet having suffered from corns for some time. I have ordered additional pairs and following a size issue the after sales help was excellent. A complimentary pair was sent out with no issues. I can only but highly recommend the brand and support staff. Excellent.

Comfy and warm

As someone who endures Raynauds, I have cold hands nearly all year round. I’ve found these gloves comfy and warm for cooler spring days. They are non constricting which is really important, (I usually wear mittens which resemble boxing gloves, it’s nice to wear something that doesn’t result in raised eyebrows)

keeps my feet dry whilst riding my Motorcycle

So far they are keeping my feet dry whilst riding my motorcycle in the rain

Great socks that are waterproof too!

Otter socks performed very well on long wet walks over several days. Gave no blisters and kept feet dry. What more can you ask for from a pair of walking socks?

Great, warm and waterproof

Use these for working outdoors most days. Very comfy and are waterproof. Will be buying another pair.

Waterproof socks

Wore them couple times in rain kept my feet nice and dry  good price as well

Waterproof sock

Very comfortable and well made

No more soggy feet

I was a little doubtful when I purchased these socks but so glad I did.  I hike every week no matter what the weather and my otter socks have taken a real pounding.  They are comfortable to wear and haven't let me down despite how soaked my boots have been.  Another plus side is they saved the back of my ankle when a rather unpleasant dog decided to run out of its garden and snap at me on a public footpath.. so bonus! Well done Otter socks, I will be ordering a pair for my partner too.

The best

I tried everything else and these are the best,

Keep the good work up

Best waterproof socks I've had!

So good I've told everyone about them.

Great Socks!

Thought they’d be like wearing rubber gloves … but they were brilliant; waterproof, soft, breathable, flexible and no clammy or damp feet! 10/10! I’ll get getting more. :)

Otter socks for the win!

I bought 2 pairs of waterproof socks ready for a mega hike/run in the Peak District on what was looking to be a really wet day.


They were dispatched on the same day I ordered them and arrived quickly which was perfect as I'd left it really last minute in buying them.


They were brilliant! What turned out to be one of the wettest experiences of my life, they held up amazingly while having to wade through streams, mud and bog.  My only regret was not buying a longer pair as we ended up having wade knee deep through a ford!


Thank you for such a great product, I owe it to your socks for not getting a single blister on that 27.7mile rike! 😍