OTTER waterproof socks GREY with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks GREY with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks GREY with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks GREY with BLACK heels
OTTER waterproof socks GREY with BLACK heels

OTTER waterproof socks GREY with BLACK heels

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First off, if you've ever dreamed of being an otter, this is your chance. Well, at least your feet's chance. OTTER Socks are the superheroes of the sock world! Made from 74% high-strength, totally-not-interested-in-absorbing-water polyamide, they laugh in the face of wool and cotton that sulk and swell up when wet. A combo of 23% Lycra and 3% elastane ensures these socks give your feet a snuggly hug, because a loosey-goosey sock is a blister's best buddy – and let's be honest, who invited blisters to the outdoor party anyway? Ditch the sock layering game; one pair of OTTER Socks has got you covered. 


This layer is basically the sock version of that cool science guy from your high school. It's made of a fancy plastic membrane (think cousin of Gore Tex) which has teeny-tiny holes. So, while it lets your foot's mini steam clouds escape, it gives a big "NOPE" to incoming water droplets. It's like magic but Neat, right?


Now, for the pièce de résistance – the COOLMAX FX membrane. This isn't just your average COOLMAX. Oh no, this is COOLMAX with some extra special sprinkles on top. Not only does it take your foot sweat and say, "Shoo, go away!", it also keeps your feet feeling like they're sipping a refreshing drink in a hammock, whether it's blazing summer or chilly winter. Picture this: You're wading through snow or splashing in puddles, and suddenly your shoe decides to soak up. But with OTTER Socks, it's like taking a dip in the ocean with a wetsuit on. A quick "Brrr!" and then it's back to being the adventurer you were born to be, puddles and all!



If bamboo rayon was that breezy summer afternoon, the COOLMAX FX is the cozy evening by the fireplace. It's slightly thicker, and it packs a tad more warmth. Perfect for when your toes need that extra bit of love during colder escapades. So, depending on whether you’re out to catch some sun or snuggle with the snow, you've got choices, my friend!

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